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fancy freelancers academy

You can have the laptop lifestyle, work from anywhere and make $3k – $10k a month so you can live a fancy and free lifestyle. ❤️

meet the coach

Hi, I’m Candace Patrice, the founder of Fancy Freelancers Academy. In October 2019 I launched and started my own Virtual Assistance company Fancy Freelancers. This allowed my family to live fancy and free while allowing me to homeschool my kids during the pandemic. Working from my bed or on the road, my family and I can travel to Disneyworld or wherever while I run a successful business. This work from anywhere fancy and free lifestyle is what creates this obsession of me helping women quit their 9 – 5 and help ladies start, grow and scale a virtual assistant business.

I started my career off as a freelancer; I knew that I wanted to be FREE of the corporate world without a doubt. As my business grew, I needed to hire out, and I began building a team that consists of a web developer, web designer, and general virtual assistants. Earlier this year, my daughter decided to join me and seek the laptop lifestyle, and after training multiple people for the VA role, I decided to put together a detailed training course from high demand. I launched the Fancy Freelancers Academy to help aspiring Virtual Assistants such as yourselves receive the life they deserve.

You deserve to live and work from anywhere
You deserve to have a flexible schedule
You deserve to make between 3k – 10k per month

I am a Coach, Entrepreneur, and Speaker, plus I love helping Virtual Assistants become bosses. I enjoy spending time with my family as we seek to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying a fancy-free lifestyle. We enjoy traveling, creating new experiences and spending quality time with each other.

I can’t wait to get to know you!

Are you tired of working your butt off just to pay your bills?
Are you tired of requesting PTO to ask permission to get time off?
Are you tired of working for someone else when you can work for yourself?

I’ve created an easy, listen and implement, simple system to help you make your investment back.

fancy freelancers academy

In the Building Bosses Bootcamp, we are focused on starting your business (legally), getting you the skills to gain high-ticket clients, giving you resources, growing your platform to the next level, and then pushing it to the max by scaling it either by a team and/or systems.
You have the power to earn between $3k – $10k a month, depending on your financial and personal goals.

Do you dream about building your legacy?

Are you tired of requesting PTO?

Are you tired of working for someone else?

You’re here because….

You are ready to make a change in your life
You’re tired of the b.s. from your employer
You want the laptop lifestyle….

Well…you can have it all by taking the next step, which is to invest in yourself to gain more knowledge and to hold yourself accountable for the outcome.

As moms, we have so many hats to wear, but we have desires and dreams too
We’re tired of not being able to get what we want BECAUSE we deserve happiness and to be fulfilled
And pretty tired of barely making enough money or doing a job we don’t even like

This is ALL about to change…

Here is what you’re going to learn in the 5 months coaching + course program:

  • Determining Your Services: Learn easy steps to build your virtual assistant business to 3k – 10k months
  • Your Niche + Your Ideal Client: Get clear in your service and your niche so you can get paid NOW
  • Branding: Create a signature brand so you can STAND OUT
  • Content is Queen: Learn simple ways to share content and attract your ideal clients
  • Mindset: Develop a CEO mindset that will help you create your dream life
  • Marketing + Sales:  I got tips and tricks for marketing, I’ll tell you how I landed all of my clients
  • Starting Your Agency: Let’s talk about Managing your people, expenses, and projects.

Support: Join a like-minded community that will not only support you, but you have the ability to collaborate with other Virtual Assistants to strengthen your brand.

And that’s not ALL –

Learn a new Skill –

  • How to Setup Facebook and Instagram ads for your clients AND your business
  • Sharpen your photo editing skills and join the Adobe Photoshop class
  • How to set up landing pages to support you and/or your clients
  • How to create Tiktoks that grab attention
  • How to create Reels to gain more traction on your brand
  • How to create YouTube videos for your online course
  • How to get monetized on Facebook
  • How to set up your business legally in the United States
  • How to build a community to place your ideal clients
  • How to build an Email list
  • How to create a Freebie (this will help you rake in leads without effort)

We have new weekly training on topics that support you and your journey.

Some of the weekly trainings we have planned are:


  • How to Utilize Social Marketing? – This helps you get familiar with networking online and offline
  • Going Live & Getting Comfortable – This is one of the major selling points when it comes to converting your potential leads
  • How to organize your backend? – You need to know the best way to get organized and stay organized – this will help you in the long run
  • How to create SOPs? – Standard Operating Procedures – All small businesses need them, and I’ll show you how to create and market them to your potential client
  • How to Manage Multiple Clients? – Once you get your first client – you’re gonna be stoked, but when the 2nd and 3rd roll in – you’re gonna need a system, and I have one to provide to you
  • How to Create a Campaign? – This is when you or your client have a goal in a certain period of time – there are steps that should be taken to ensure the campaign is successful – I’ll share this with you
  • How to Sell Your Services? – This goes hand in hand with marketing and often can feel scary – I’ll show you the way – hang tight
  • How to Find Gigs? – The magic is all around us, but there is a method to the madness
  • How to Create A Proposal? – You want to ensure you are catching your potential client’s attention – I have a template for you
  • Monthly Q and A’s Sessions – Hot Seat Coaching – I open the floor to discuss whatever problem you’re facing

I will motivate you on Mondays

We chat on Tuesdays

We train on Wednesdays

We chat on Thursdays

You tell me your wins on Fridays

We will meet once a week for one hour to train and do Q and A’s; this will be on various topics as well.


    You must have the following to be accepted into the program:

    Reliable Internet
    Ability to be coachable


    Hello, I’m so excited to be here today to share my testimony with you. My name is Keshea Way of Applied Grow and Scale, where I help service-based providers apply systems and events to grow and scale with systems. So being inside of Fancy Freelancers Academy with Coach Candace Patrice has been phenomenal; the course that she provided for us was easy and simple. I like the simplicity of the course simply because I was able to listen to the instructions that she gave and then I was able to go ahead and implement them.

    By doing so, I was able to close deals, meaning that I was able to gain clients where those clients were signing their contracts and paying their invoices. Some were even paying their invoices in full. So I would encourage you to go ahead and take advantage of this Academy because Coach Candace is just phenomenal when it comes to her teaching style. She ensures that you totally understand and to be honest with you, I think that she over-delivers because not only is she giving us the tools and resources in the form of video inside of the Academy, but she’s also providing you with templates. She’s also providing you with Voxer support, so you’re able to communicate with her, and you’re also able to communicate with the other, um, potential VA’s that are going to be inside of the academy as well.

    So if you are considering it, I think you should consider it. I think you should go ahead and make the investment today because by the time you get your first client, guess what you’re going to be able to recoup your investment, and that’s what it’s all about. So whatever doubts you may have, you know, working with coach Candace, I am here to tell you right now that Coach Candace is the truth is she is so freaking fancy, and I just love the fact that I made the decision to go ahead and be a part of Fancy Freelancers Academy. So like I said, if this is something that you were considering, go ahead and move forward now because this is just, it was just an awesome experience.

    I was able to gain some friends with the inside of the Academy as well; guess what, we are probably going to be working together as well. So go ahead and make that decision today.

    Enjoy Fancy Freelancers Academy.


    What does group support look like?


    We have created a sisterhood that you will be placed in as you become a member of the Academy. You are able to ask questions, seek solutions, learn from your other sisters and perhaps create partnerships.

    Are you Ready?

    Do you truly desire the freedom? Because it’s at your finger tips.
    Are you tired of “Corporate America”? Because there are BETTER options.
    Do you want a flexible schedule to move as you please? That’s exactly what you’re going to build.
    Do you feel trapped and smothered? You are not bound to your workplace, let me show you another way.
    Do you want to work for yourself? I’ll help you get setup so you can start making money!

    “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

    – Oprah Winfrey